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Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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Today's Summary:
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a new trend in the tourism industry – health and wellness tourism. This tourism focuses on health and internal feelings in comparison to leisure tourism.

Ways that tourist destinations can increase visitors include, developing distinctive local culture and establish an IP based on fascinating stories and art designs, and short video marketing.

Of the 3284 topics gathered across social channels and news platforms relating to the travel industry (Australia and New Zealand markets), 94.15% show neutral and positive sentiment, with 5.85% showing negative sentiment.
The information was collected on Friday 15 January, 2021
Chinese trends and the interests of Chinese consumers change fast! Below are the top two discussed news among all Chinese digital channels.
The epidemic leads to a new trend in the tourism industry
Channel: sohu.com [搜狐]
Synopsis: Covid-19 made people to highly value physical and mental health and life quality. In terms of travel options, people started to consider health and safety as the primary reference factor. Therefore, health and wellness tourism is getting increasingly popular. Data of QCC indicates that by January 13, there are 6387 enterprises engaged in health and wellness tourism, and over 2100 enterprises were set up in 2020. Compared to leisure tourism, health and wellness tourism focuses more on health and internal feelings. Tourists tend to spend more time at the tourist destination, and there is a higher proportion in repeated consumption. During the post-epidemic period, the proportion of family tourism will continue to increase. In the future, culture and tourism products will embrace more healthy elements and satisfy tourists’ health and family needs.
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Tourist destinations/scenic spots can increase their stream of visitors by doing this!
Channel: yidianzixun.com [一点资讯]
There are multiple techniques for tourist destinations/scenic spots to attract visitors. The first technique is to develop the most distinctive local culture and establish an IP based on fascinating stories and art designs. Secondly, many enterprises started to put emphasis on short video marketing. For example, the short video of “tumbler lady” got more than 2 billion views, and hence helped the development of Xi’an tourism. Thirdly, thematic events can also attract particular tourists. For instance, Bali has set various festivals in different months, such as the Bali Spirit Festival in April and the Kuta Beach Festival in August. Creative event is another method for gaining tourists’ attentions, such as the “Best Jobs in the World” event published by Tourism and Events Queensland. Tourist destinations/scenic spots can also cooperate with variety shows or internet celebrities for promotion. Last but not least, hot topics can draw media and consumer’s attention as well. For example, the “no photo” event had led to an explosive growth in tourists for Bergün, Switzerland.
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Top three buzzword:
 China (中国), Canada (加拿大), Australia (澳大利亚)

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