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Monday, 25 January, 2021
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Today's Summary:
Singapore airlines announced that all staff have been provided with Singapore government’s free vaccines against Covid-19, and may be the first airline with all staff vaccinated in the world.

As Covid-19 has affected public transport and many tourist locations, road trip has become a preferred option for tourists. During last year’s May Day vacation, 75% of Chinese tourists chose road trips.

Of the 8111 topics gathered across social channels and news platforms relating to the travel industry (Australia and New Zealand markets), 41.16% show neutral and positive sentiment, with 58.84% showing negative sentiment.
The information was collected on Thursday 21 January, 2021
Chinese trends and the interests of Chinese consumers change fast! Below are the top two discussed news among all Chinese digital channels.
Singapore airlines provides vaccines for all staff, "vaccine passports" may be the new normal in the aviation industry industry
Channel: thepaper.cn [澎湃新闻]
Synopsis: On January 18, Singapore airlines announced that all staff (including pilots, gate staff, hostesses, and any staff who may have contacts with the public) have been provided with Singapore government’s free vaccines against Covid-19. Singapore airlines might become the first airline with all staff vaccinated in the world. Currently, Singapore airlines have established a new process based on the TPI framework to verify the health condition of passengers. This service will first be applied to the flights from Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta to Singapore, and then be expanded to other parts of Singapore airlines’ flight network. It is also planned to be integrated into Singapore airlines’ APP in 2021. Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways also have plans on providing vaccines to their staff and exploring the mobile passport APP developed by IATA.
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Free and unconstrained road trips have become popular in the recovery of the tourism industry
自由而不受约束的自驾游 已然成为旅游业复苏的先遣队和风向标
Channel: 163.com [网易]
Covid-19 has largely affected the core of the tourism industry. City tourism, A-class scenic spot tourism, and public transport tourism had been largely reduced, while outdoor activities and natural environment became popular choices for travellers. Therefore, the personalised and flexible road trips have become the pioneer in the recovery of the tourism industry. During last year’s May Day vacation, 75% of Chinese tourists chose road trips. It is predicted that more than 90% of Chinese tourists will choose road trips during this year’s May Day vacation. Road trips have higher requirements towards ecology, infrastructure, public service, commercial development, car production and service industry, information system, etc. Multiple provinces in China are developing their road trip industry. For example, Jilin has held a series of road trip events, including “salute the country” and “the most beautiful road”, while Henan is building the first “Teenager Camping College” in China.
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