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Thursday, 7 January, 2021
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Today's Summary:
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused more than a $300 billion loss to the international tourism, and although other industries have begun to recover, the airline industry continues to suffer.

Governments and airlines are exploring different measures to allow tourists to travel safely in 2021, such as vaccination passports.

Of the 4521 topics gathered across social channels and news platforms relating to the travel industry (Australia and New Zealand markets), 79.89% show neutral and positive sentiment, with 20.11% showing negative sentiment.
The information was collected on Tuesday 5 January, 2021
Chinese trends and the interests of Chinese consumers change fast! Below are the top two discussed news among all Chinese digital channels.
Review of 2020 global tourism: recovering shakily from Covid-19
Channel: qq.com [看点快报]
Synopsis: Covid-19 caused more than $300 billion loss in international tourism industry. Since the start of 2020, almost all affected countries had implemented travel bans, which led to a steep decline of international tourism industry. Air passenger traffic has decreased by 60%. 43 commercial airliners broke in 2020, including Virgin Australia, Nok Scoot and Avianca. Although other industries started to recover from the epidemic, the airline industry is still struggling due to its high risk. Cruise Lines also faced huge crisis due to the “Diamond Princess” event. After a 6-month lockout, several cruise lines started to resume their routes with new businesses such as “ghost trip”. Amusement parks reopened in the second half of 2020, and most of them have new plans in 2021. For example, Universal Studios Japan will open the “Super Nintendo World” area in February, while Legoland will start to build a new park in Shanghai in 2021.
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"Green passport", "Infection free" flights... can airlines resume in 2021?
Channel: myzaker.com [ZAKER]
Governments and airlines are exploring different measurements to ensure tourists to travel safely in the post-epidemic era. One of the solutions is to only allow vaccinated people to travel through planes. Qantas announced that it will require passengers to be vaccinated before boarding. However, aviation expert Xavier Tytelman insisted that this decision should be made by the government instead of airlines, as whether airlines have the right to make such provisions is a controversial issue. On the other hand, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggested a “digital health pass”, which has been tested by Singapore Airlines since December 23. In addition, some airlines in Europe and USA had been tested “infection free” flights for months. Currently, these “air passageways” are only used in essential travels.
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