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Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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Today's Summary:
Airlines applied multiple measures to save themselves during the epidemic. The cargo aviation industry continues to grow during the pandemic, with many airlines converting their passenger planes to cargo ones.

The poll from WEF showed that 88% of interviewees in Australia are willing to be vaccinated, which is third only to China (97%) and Brazil (88%).  The “Vaccine Passport” continues to be developed by multiple companies.

Of the 2060 topics gathered across social channels and news platforms relating to the travel industry (Australia and New Zealand markets), 91.46% show neutral and positive sentiment, with 8.54% showing negative sentiment.
The information was collected on Monday 11 January, 2021
Chinese trends and the interests of Chinese consumers change fast! Below are the top two discussed news among all Chinese digital channels.
How can the global aviation industry recover in 2021 after its "forced landing"
世界周刊丨世界航空业“迫降”之后 2021如何寻求复苏
Channel: sina.com [新浪]
Synopsis: Apart from government subsidies, airlines applied multiple measures to save themselves during the epidemic. For example, Qatar Airways released its “Blank Ticket”, which allows passengers to purchase tickets with unspecified dates and destinations. Singapore Airlines converted two A380 planes to restaurants, where customers can enjoy meals of different classes. Moreover, EasyJet Airline launched its “enjoy airplane meals at home” activity. On the other hand, the cargo aviation industry continues to grow during the epidemic. The overall income increased by 15% in 2020. Many airlines modified their passenger planes to cargo planes. The Boeing company predicted that the total number of cargo planes will exceed 2400 in 2039, and 1400 of them were modified by passenger planes. On the other hand, representatives from different industries are urging the UK government to invest sustainable aviation technologies, while the International Civil Aviation Organization is also promoting the “Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation” plan.
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Overall industries decline during the epidemic! Loss may reach 10 billion? This industry in Australia almost collapsed! Can the vaccine against Covid-19 and "vaccine passport" bring new opportunities?
Channel: baidu.com [百度]
The poll from WEF showed that 88% of interviewees in Australia are willing to be vaccinated, which is third only to China (97%) and Brazil (88%). Most epidemiologists believed that vaccine will offer possibilities and guarantees for international travels, yet it may still need 2-3 years for the industry to fully recover. Meanwhile, multiple international organizations and technology companies are developing the “Vaccine Passport”. However, most British and French are not willing to use these apps due to privacy concerns. In addition, people are still cautious about international travels. According to a recent research of IATA, 60% of the interviewees will not book tickets until 2 months after Covid-19 is under control, while 40% of the interviewees will wait at least 6 months. Tourists now prefer small towns or beaches to city landmarks in terms of their travel destinations.
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